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Conversation Starters 120 Card Game

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Don’t you hate when you find yourself in that awkward silence moment because you’ve run out of things to say to your partner? With our conversation starters this will never be a problem again! The perfect game to start meaningful, fun and creative conversations. Think out of the box and find endless occasions to play: on date night, while cooking, on a road trip, on the beach, on the snow or just sitting on the couch: you can take them everywhere with you because once in a while it is worth it to take a few minutes to invest quality time in your relationship. BONUS: you can also play this game with friends for the perfect bonding experience. Take a moment to disconnect from the digital world and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences and meaningful connections. You will be able to choose from six different types of cards that will get the ball rolling to connect on a deeper level all in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. We guarantee you’ll always end up pleasantly surprised after spending some quality time as a couple.
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