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Playtime Sex Toy Parties

Blue Boutique is now bringing the party to your home! We are now offering parties for all occasions including, Utah's Girls Night OutUtah Divorce parties and Utah Bachelorette Party.

Melissa Jones Sex and Sexuality VOD

These sex & sexuality seminars cater to couples and were created based on years of applied research and training by Dr. Melissa Jones. A dynamic educator who inspires students to reconsider the important role that sex plays in their relationships, Dr. Jones offers warm, engaging, and entertaining seminars—where there are no judgments.

Suprise Sex From Blue Boutique

Have you ever wondered what you get your significant other for Valentines day? Blue Boutique has the perfect answer for your Valentines day shopping.

Latest Prodcts

The Key to Female Ejaculation

Approximately 60% of women questioned worldwide over the past century report some sort of release of fluids at climax. Some women report just a little fluid as opposed to a “gush” or “squirt”, but the volume of ejaculate can range considerably. Yet female ejaculation is like Bigfoot or UFOs…there’s much debate over whether or not […]

What’s Heating Up This Summer at Sexy Blue Boutique!

The days of bikinis, martinis and dipping in the skinny are finally HERE! We’ve got so much new to share with you all so grab a Sex on the Beach and get ready for the summer, Blue style! The first thing I want to share with our customers is our brand new expansion at our […]

Win Blue Boutique’s Giveaway: Why You Should Read Romance This Summer

It’s hot outside. You can make it just as hot inside your bedroom with the help of a spicy summer read. If you’ve never read romance or if it’s been ages since you picked up a Mills & Boon, this is the best time to pick up a FREE copy from Blue Boutique.

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Bridal Season is Here! Let Blue Boutique Help Plan Your Big Day

Ahh, Spring. There’s nothing quite like when Spring is upon us…it’s a time for new growth, warm weather, and love is in the air everywhere you go. But if you’re planning a white April wedding, it’s hard to notice the sunshine. Who cares about green grass? I have a chocolate fountain to order and six […]

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Toy Materials-A Guide to the Tools of Our Trade

Blue Boutique is proud to carry high-end toys made with the highest quality materials to ensure our customers not only play well, but also play safe. And with so many options, it’s hard to decide which toy might be best for you….TPE, TPR, UR3, ABS? What the heck is that stuff!? Well I’m here to […]

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