Help Us, Help You Find the Right Lingerie!

Fellas, you’re in a lingerie store, the sales girl asks if you need help, and you KNOW you do, but you just can’t form the right questions, nor do you have any answers. Sound familiar? The ladies at Sugarhouse Blue Boutique want to help you! We want to make sure you leave with the right piece of lingerie for the  right occasion. Is she conservative, or open minded? Cautious, or daring? Does she have a favorite color? Is she self conscience?  Here are some ways you can find out the answers to these questions so that we may better help you choose what’s right for you!

-Look in her naughty drawer. This may give you a good indication of what type of lingerie your lady likes. Check the tags on her bra and undies to give you a good estimate on size. 36 C? Small, Medium, or Large? Take notice if there is a prominent color, or if it’s an array.

-Ask questions when you’re shopping, or see advertisements. Honey, do you like this? Would you wear something like that? Would you feel comfortable in something stringy? ; )

-Find out what part of her body she thinks is rockin! Ladies will always want to accentuate what our favorite part is. Does she have a nice bum? Nice legs? Midsection? If she loves her tummy, a 2 pc option would be ideal! Nice legs? Put her in a garter belt with stockings and a great pump. On the flip side, if she is self conscience about any part of her body, find that out too. She won’t feel sexy in something she doesn’t feel mentally comfortable in.

Whatever you choose, whatever her (or your style!), Blue Boutique Sugarhouse has the right item for you! We have the largest selection, price ranges, and sizes to fit any desire. We want you to have the sexiest night of your lives!  Well, up until now, that is 😉

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