Talk Dirty to Me

1980 talk dirty to me 01The idea of dirty talk is exciting, but when it comes to actually spitting out those naughty little phrases many people feel awkward and just clam up. But you shouldn’t! It’s worth facing those fears and giving it a try. Not only is talking dirty to your lover a mental sexual enhancement, but it’s a physical one as well. Dirty talk actually increases the production of dopamine, the body’s “reward chemical” and can intensify your entire sexual experience.

Unless you’re tryin’ to do it in your parents house without getting caught, silence is not usually what you’re looking for. Most of us get into things a little more when we can actually hear our partner’s pleasure. Even a few little “aaaahs”, “ooohs” and “mmmhmmms” can let your lover know that they are pleasing and satisfying you. Remember, everybody wants to know when they are doing a good job!

If you are already a master of the moan, but need a little push to take it to the next level, let us help you! First things first, practice makes perfect. No one is born to be a phone sex operator, it’s a skill you have to work on to develop. If you can’t bring yourself to try it with your lover, try saying a few lines out loud when you are home alone. As silly as it sounds, if you get used to hearing those words actually come out of your mouth, you’ll be much more likely to to say them in the heat of the moment.

Second, start small. You don’t have to blurt out “fuck my wet pussy with your throbbing cock” the first time around. If fact, for some people, that might actually be a mood killer – to say or hear. Instead, you could say things like “I love the way you’re moving your tongue,” or “it feels so good when you touch/kiss my [body part].” Not only do phrases like this give your lover confidence, they help let them know what you do and don’t like. And once your lover knows which moves you’re a fan of, they’ll likely repeat them! Once you’re really going at it, don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want. “Do me from behind” or “give it to me harder” are sure to rev the engines. If you use that last one though, don’t be surprised if things end just a little bit sooner! Last, but not least, we must mention one of the simplest and most popular phrases in the world of dirty talk…”I’m coming!” This one tops the list because it lets your lover know that they have given you the ultimate satisfaction.

If all of this still leaves you tongue tied and embarrassed, I have one final suggestion that may ease you into the land o’ dirty talk…sexting! Technology has brought us this awesome medium where we can put all our crazy wants and desires out there without having to say it to someone’s face. So text your lover a sexy message and tell them what you want to do to them when they get home. Maybe this will give you the confidence to say it to their face when you see them. And even if it doesn’t, I’m sure it’ll still lead to a good time!

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