Spring Forward: A new season and new products

This is a great time of year to air out the store, get rid of products that we’ve had around too long and bring in some new, fun stuff. Which is exactly what we’ve been doing here at the West Valley Blue Boutique! While we always keep certain products around because we love them and know they work and sell great, it’s important that we seek out new and interesting products so that our customers have different options every time they come into the store.

Take our shoes for example, we’ve been having a giant anniversary shoe sale for the last month in order to make space for all these cute new shoes we’ve been getting in. And boy, are they adorable! Fresh spring colors and cute patterns have us lusting over these babies and I’m sure when you see them you will too. Turquoise with spikes, vintage tattoo prints, sugar skulls and bows, gold glitter…there are just too many sexy new shoes to name them all!

There has also been a ton a new product available in the adult oriented section of our store. My catalog abounds with all kinds of new oils, bath products, pheromones and other personal hygiene products. So of course I had to order them! Bath salts and gels in in a plethora of wonderful spring scents will transform the humdrum daily shower routine into a luxurious bathing extravaganza.. If using your natural pheromones to reel in the opposite sex appeals to you, then now is the time to come see what we’ve got. Pheromone deodorant, convenient roll-on perfume and divine smelling lotions are sure to have your lover swooning over your scent. It’s also that time of year where we all put a little extra effort into making our bodies look as good as possible since we’re starting to show them off a little bit more. If you want to make sure that every part of you is looking its very best (even the less often seen parts), come check out our brand new Dr. Pink’s Anal Brightening Solution. That way you can look your best from EVERY angle…just like they do in the movies!

But if it’s new and exciting toys that truly peak your interest, you’ll be glad to know we are getting naughty new stuff all the time. Check out our new Rockstar vibes. Named after your favorite female rock vocalist, these killer looking toys are sure to get you booty shakin’ in more ways than one. If your looking to save a little cash by never buying batteries again, our new line of rechargeable toys by Fun Factory might be right up your alley. They come in a variety of fun shapes and colors that will show just how sexy being “green” can be! Guys, we also have something new just for you. Our extended selection of the EXTREME lifelike full size masturbators will give you all the benefits of a real woman without any of the drawbacks!

These are just a few of our recent additions, but make sure you check back often as we’re getting new things all the time. So put away those coats, shave your legs, paint your toenails and come on down to sexy Blue Boutique and see what spring has to offer!

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