Sexy Footwear Enthusiast Rejoice!

Bordello Shoes BellaBlue Boutique’s has a quarter of a century keeping Salt Lake City in the SEXIEST shoes around!! Whether you’re looking for professional dancer shoes, shoes for everyday wear, or shoes that you don’t plan on wearing out of the bedroom, we’ve got something on sale sure to put some spring in your step!

We have several different great brands!! One of our favorites is the Bordello line. Inspired by burlesque performers, Bordello’s signature features are funky prints, glitter, sequins, platforms, and incredibly high heels. Bordellos are sure to add quick pizzazz to any outfit with their eye-catching glamour. Wear them for a photo shoot, to the club, or even to work!

If you’re the kind of person who needs more than a simply sexy shoe, Kotonica is the brand for you. Fierce, edgy, and unique, Kotonica’s shoes take the term “spike heels” quite literally. Featuring high platforms, rhinestones, zippers, studs, and silver “teeth,” any girl who wears Kotonica is going to be the epitome of mystery and allure.

Ellie’s platform shoes are perfect for both dancers and non-dancers. Although they look impossibly high, they actually offer tons of support and comfort so you can wear them all day and all night. With so many different colors and styles, you can get a pair to go with every outfit! Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, all dancers can agree that Ellie shoes are the best choice.

Another favorite is the Pleaser brand. No other brand offers such a wide array of styles as Pleaser. Pleasers are great for absolutely everyone because they make the wearer look so sexy in such an unintentional way. Adorable without being cheeky, you can wear Pleasers to breakfast, to the office, then for an afternoon picnic, and finally to the club. Sexy footwear enthusiasts around the world rejoice!

Make sure you come to downtown Blue Boutique to celebrate with us and to find a pair of sexy footwear (or three)!


Salt Lake City Sexy Shoes from Blue Boutique

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