Sex Eduction for Utah Parents

Its_Not_The_StorkIs spending taxpayer resource necessary to create a Sex Education curriculum for Utah’s somewhat naive parents a wise choice? We don’t think so. This week, we saw Senator Steward Reid pushing a sex education bill that would create a curriculum that teaches Utah’s parents how to talk to their children about sex and sexuality. While we applaud the acknowledgement that the predominate culture’s perception of sexuality is flawed in Utah, we don’t think that the theocracy should spend resources in doing so.

Utah’s dominant religion has a long history of unscientific attitudes towards sex and sexuality. They have a long history of opposing gay and lesbian sex, even though Utah’s been named one of the gayest cities in America. They are against abortion, with a few caveats. They discourages artificial insemination. They strongly discourages surgical sterilization as an elective form of birth control. Oral Sex? Forget about it. Masturbation? Nope that’s a sin.

I don’t think that Mr. Reid has a clue how easily scientifically accurate information is readily available on the internet for parents to learn from. Open any browser  and If you take 30 seconds of your time to search for “Sex Education for Children” on sites such as, you’ll find that you only have a choice of 3,374 books to choose from.

These titles include, “It’s So Amazing”, “It’s Not the Stork”, “Let’s Talk about S-E-X” and many more. You even have the option to “Look Inside” to see if it’s something that agrees with your moral compass.

Utah’s sex education laws in public schools does not allow for comprehensive sex education. I would be surprised if they come up with a curriculum for parents that has anything but abstinence only education as the main premise for the course. I’ll also bet that they use taxpayer resources to create the curriculum that mirrors the teachings of the LDS church.

I’m all for the sex education of children, age appropriate, of course. I have two daughters have been so educated about sex and sexuality from such a young age, I get the “I Know, I, Know, I Know” from them every time we have a discussion about it. They groan and moan and roll their eyes because they’ve been educated from a young age. They’re far more educated than their peers about sex and sexuality. Over the year’s its been sad to listen to what their friends though about sex and sexuality.

Sex should be a subject that is discussed openly, honestly and with scientific accuracy both in the schools and at home. I do not believe that we need to use taxpayer resources to teach “Parents” how to talk with their children about sex and sexuality. The curriculum that is being suggested will mirror the dominate religions view of sex and sexuality.

If Utah history repeats itself, the curriculum that they will develop is going to be an “Abstinence Only” curriculum, which has been show over, and over again that it doesn’t work. I’m not for the theocrats that control this state, to teach bigotry and hatred using taxpayer resources. Even if Mr. Reid says that it won’t cost the state any more money, he’s not telling you that it will  cost the state resources that could be applied somewhere else.

Current Utah sex education laws forbids curriculum that  educate children about about condoms or birth control methods as a way of preventing pregnancy or STDs. A teacher can even be held criminally liable if they teach anything about homosexuality or birth control in the classroom. God forbid that we talk about the biggest civil rights issue since the 1960’s.

Science has shown that states that choose to teach abstinence only education have higher rates of teen pregnancy than states that teach comprehensive sex education.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to use taxpayer resource to develop a theological based curriculum, I would ask that if they are going to develop a sex educational course for parents, they need to take the religion out of the curriculum and teach comprehensive sex education. Where as the curriculum is has been developed by Sex Educators, Doctors and sex therapists.

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