The Legend of Female Ejaculation

If you just read the title and agreed that female ejaculation is indeed just a legend then KEEP READING! :) Today I have researched some of the best ways to get those lady juices flowing! Female ejaculation, or “squirting” is all but a legend… While seeming  possibly harder to achieve for some, it may just be what you are or aren’t doing to instigate such a climax. There are quite a few techniques I have found that can increase your chances of causing this body shaking orgasm! Take my advice… This is pretty good stuff! :)

foreplay, Foreplay, FOREPLAY!– This step is CRUCIAL for woman to achieve this type of mind-blowing orgasm!

Reading as much as I have been lately on these subjects, I have come to find that a lot of men see foreplay as pointless and boring… I should slap you all! Foreplay is a huge part in sexual activity, but a lot more-so when attempting to make a woman squirt! Simply fooling around before hand with a woman can not only help her climax, but increases the likelihood of stronger and multiple orgasms for her!  Men are very visually aroused and therefore can be turned-on by merely seeing a set of breasts they like. Woman on the other hand are more so emotional and sensual and need a little more attention to become aroused and ready! Here are a few suggestion for foreplay techniques to get her into orgasmic readiness:

Talk Dirty: If you have a gal who likes to play naughty then get her engines revved up by telling her how naughty she has been and she will have to make up for it now with your torment and teasing… She’ll love it :)

Sensual Massage: Touch her all over and send waves of pleasure while relaxing anything else she might be thinking about away! A great way to make the massage more enjoyable are massage oils! You can get flavored, warming or something herbal and calming to set the perfect mood!

Oral: We are always down there on you, so now it’s your turn! Make her tingly and full of anticipation by kissing her thighs and slowly moving your way to her clit! Tease and torture her for a while until she is squirmy and begging for it!
Clitoral Stimulation: This is the easiest way to make a woman orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is a great way for a “warm up” orgasm. Once a woman has had an orgasm, it’s usually easier for her to acheieve multiple orgasms because of the heightened sensitivity!

Although some men find these tasks boring and pointless, you haven’t spent all that time for nothing… Now that she is breathing heavy and wanting you even more, you have just made her g-spot more easily accessible! :)

Lubrication: It is super important to remember to lube up!

Most woman after foreplay will be wet and ready for some penetration! Other woman have a little trouble creating their own natural lubricant and woman who can become wet easily may not stay that way, so it is always important to have a good lube on hand! Lack of lubrication can cause pain from things like chaffing and you DON’T want that! Silicone based lubricants will last longer than water-based because they don’t absorb like water-bases will. However, if you are using toys, than ALWAYS use a water-based lube to prevent damage to your toy!

Now it’s time to get out your treasure map… Finding a woman’s G-spot can be a grueling task… Some people believe it doesn’t even exist, but they are mistaken… It is said that a woman’s g-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina about 1-3 inches in. The best way to find it’s location put two fingers in palm up and make a “come hither” motion. If all has gone well with your foreplay session, than this soft spongey area should be engorged with blood and a little easier to find.

Introducing toys: Toys can be a great way to help her gush with pleasure!

There are toys available that are designed just for the task of finding the female G-spot! A simple vibrator can change your whole world! Here at Downtown Blue Boutique we have a serious variety of g-spot friendly toys that are curved in all the right places to make the magic happen! Vibration might be needed if regular stimulation isn’t working or if ladies need help achieving it on their own! In some situations, woman cannot orgasm internally with just g-spot stimulation! Sometimes a little clitoral massaging is needed to accomplish this mighty climax! Things like bullets and butterflies are a great way to get clitoral stimulation simuletaneously with g-spot stimulation. Other toys called rabbits are also great because they are designed like an internal vibrator AND have a clitoral stimulator attached!

Other Ways to make the G-spot easier to find:

If you are still having trouble locating the g-spot don’t give up hope! At Downtown Blue Boutique we have things such as the female sexual enhancement pill called G-Spark which sends blood to that area to enlarge it and make it more easily found. Creams like Tickle Her G-Spot, Discover (All Organic!), and the G-spot location cream (This is a kit that comes with a pamphlet FULL of information!) are also available and help engorge the g-spot area with blood!

One last bit of knowledge to know: when a woman is about to squirt that she will feel like she has to pee, SHE DOESN’T! That is when you keep up your “come hither” fingering motion with a bit more force and wait for her to explode! She will find herself shaking from the pleasure and you can pat yourself on the back for probably the most mind-blowing orgasm ever! Oh, and now that you know how to do it, you can repeat when necessary and continue to rock her world with your new magic trick! Always remember that proper foreplay and lubrication are crucial for this task and you will be an Ejaculation Master yet! :)

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