The Knob Gobblin’ Techniques He Craves!


Blow job: noun, slang: vulgar. an act of oral sex men love; an act of oral sex women hate/ think is gross/ think they aren’t skilled at; fellatio. Okay, this isn’t the actual definition in the Dictionary, but it should be! Men and women are predictable and a lot of them also naive. There are always going to be men complaining about not getting any form of blow job and women expressing how “no way is any icky penis going anywhere near this mouth!”. However, reading up on some groovy tricks of the trade might change her mind about playing the skin flute and end the evening with a rockin’ crescendo! Whether you want to get some helpful hints or add some spicy new moves to your repertoire, we have found some ideas to spark any man’s erection!

“Good fellatio is all about attitude, being in the moment and enjoying yourself.” (Going Down, Nicci Talbot). What a better way to start something than with an upbeat, positive attitude! Now how many of you ladies reading have ever thought about that?! I always hear how unappealing blows jobs sound to women and blah, Blah, BLAH! If you start anything with a negative disposition it’s inevitable that it’s going to blow… No pun intended 😉 So if you’re the guy or gal going down with a frown then turn it right-side up and think of how much your man is going to think about this slobbery session for weeks to cum! 😉 Not only are you going to make his day, but it’s a treat that is bound to pay off because when you give, you usually receive in return!

Now that you are in the mood to blow, think of all the fun things you can do with him! You can pretend he is your man flavoured ice cream cone, sucker or Popsicle and just eat him up! You don’t even have to have man flavoured! Blue Boutique carries all sorts of items to sweeten things up! Flavoured lubes are always a good place to start and Sex Tarts brand lube flavours take the cake! They have a variety of flavours like Grape, Green Apple and Cherry that are sure to be the perfect topping for your treat! Another popular product sold in our stores are the Sweetener 69 pills made with all natural fruit supplements to sweeten his secretions and make the taste of his explosive orgasm taste like a fruity treat! Also, don’t forget your Deep Throat Desensitizing spray for when you’re really getting hot and heavy! This is an awesome product designed to numb the throat for gaggin’ girly who needs help handling that massive package!

It is extremely common to hear from women that giving head is strenuous on their mouths and can be very uncomfortable, so I found a book that could give us some advice on making it easier and less tiring. Going down by Nicci Talbot is sold at a Blue Boutique near you and is full of great advice for the ladies seeking out the secret to a bomb blow job! There is an entire section on workouts you can do with your tongue, jaw, lips and breath to perfect the act of sucking off. Things as simple as whistling, chewing gum, or even singing in the shower are all some of the workouts she recommends for getting in shape to blow his mind! The book is also a great reference for couples wanting to spice it up and add some new material!

A good old fashion knob bob is always a good choice, but if you are looking for that trick to send him over the edge in ecstasy, we might be able to help with that! Adding new techniques to your routine is a great way to get his attention and make him orgasm faster (never a bad thing when bobbing his knob)! Every book and website I read for researching into giving awesome head all had different ideas and variations, but they ALL shared in common two tricks for making him worship your mouth: deep throating and anal play.

The Deep Throat:Don’t expect to be crowned the Deep Throat Queen right away, but there are a few things that can help you practice. Yawn! When you yawn, your throat opens wide and is very easily penetrated when necessary! 😉 Also, you can let your head hang over the couch or a bed and relax with your mouth wide open and invite him in!

Anal Play: Most guys will say this is a big N-O, but in reality, who says he won’t love it when you sneak a finger between the cheeks and play around?… The anus has so many nerve endings that even a little pressure with your fingers will entice some sort of tingly feeling! Ladies, if he clenches up tight, this is usually the sign to stop, but you can always ask him his opinion… :) Let him tell you exactly what he wants!

These are just a few neat bits of info I picked up from my readings on the subject, but don’t just go by me! All Blue Boutique staff members can help you pick out something for your every experiment into perfecting the art of fellatio! We have books, videos, sweet treats and more to help you chrome his dome like it’s never been chromed before! The more confidence you have in yourself, the more fantastic the experience will be for you both! Oh, and never forget that practice makes perfect! He will love being your test subject! If I have one last tidbit of advice to leave you with for your knob gobblin’ adventures, it’s this: Keep It Sloppy Salt Lake City!


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