Industrial Piercing at Blue Boutique in Salt Lake City, UT

Industrial Piercing at Blue Boutique

My name is Derek Level. I am a piercer at Blue Boutique. What you are going to see in this video, I highly suggest that you do not do it at home. Seek out a professional. This video is to show our customers what to expect when getting pierced at Blue Boutique.

Here you can see me opening sterile packages. I am prepping the customer’s ear with a surgical scrub. Getting all the bacteria off.

I’m marking her with gentian violet for the piercing.

Lining it up.

Making sure that my lines match.

Here I’m showing the customer how the jewelry is going to lay in her ear.

Once we are happy with everything, I have the customer lay down, and put a drape over her ear, making sure that no hair gets in the way.

Now here is where I do the piercing. I am making her breath.

This is the Jewelry insert.

After the jewelry is in, we put the jewelry ball on.

We make sure everything lines up.

And we do a final cleanup.

We’re making sure that there is no blood.

Now the customer gets up and takes a look at the new piercing.

That is what you expect when getting a piercing at Blue Boutique.

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