Don’t be scared!! We will make it all better!

Over the last two years the Downtown Blue Boutique employees have had a front row seat to the North Temple Trax project. We have watched the many phases of the project travel up and down the street in front of the store. This has included road and intersection closures, detours, and all sorts of fun obstacle courses made of cones. It’s been a real mess to look at sometimes, especially combined with snowy weather! All the orange flags and construction equipment in the street are enough to make most people avoid the area completely!

Well, we can’t. Having a location right on the corner of North Temple and 800W we are right in the midst of it all. Our employees live all over the Salt Lake Valley and travel here every day. We know firsthand how to get through what looks like an intimidating mess. We would like to share with everyone out there that although the appearance of the intersection and most of North Temple in this area is a nightmare, it’s actually been planned very well. We are constantly in direct contact with the project manager. He has been great at alerting us to anything that might be an inconvenience. Our intersection is open in every direction as well as the North Temple Bridge, making it very easy to get here from the downtown Gateway area. If you are driving Northbound on I-15, the 600 North exit is only a few blocks away and that route is construction free!! We also have a large strip of parking that is for our customers only!

Basically we are saying that the North Temple Trax project has more bark than bite. It sounds so much worse than it actually is. We have loyal customer s that visit regularly; newbies to Blue Boutique stop by all the time, and also those that go out of their way to come to the Downtown location for its superior customer service. Plus, we drive here every day and can give easy directions from wherever you are coming from.

Don’t miss out on the unique experience and sexy items that the Downtown store has to offer! Give us a call at 801-596-2160. We will steer you in the Blue direction!!!

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