Cinch me, baby!

CorsetToday I want to talk about the differences in fashion corsets, cinching corsets,  and bustiers. Many people are under the assumption that you can cinch any type/brand of corset just because it has strings. This is not the case. Many corsets these days are made to be worn for the look, not to keep a cinch. These corsets are great for one time use, parties, costumes, etc. They are made out of thinner material, typically have plastic boning, and are sized by bust. Plastic boning tends to bend to the shape of the wearer, not keep it’s structure. This works if cinching is not your main goal. We carry lines by Leg Avenue, and Coquette that are made for these purposes.

If you are really wanting a good cinch, a true reduction in waist, then you need to try the Burleska line of corsets. These are imported from England and are a top seller at the Sugarhouse store; sometimes it seems we can’t keep them in stock!  The corsets and waist cinchers made by Burleska are amazing! Most are metal or steel boned, so they will make you form to them. This gives you the ideal hourglass figure and also helps with posture; just try to slouch in these!  And with wedding season coming up, they can really help acheive the perfect look. These corsets work for almost any body type/bust size and enhance the lady business while carving out a waist. When shopping for Burleska corsets, waist size is important. This line is sized by your corseted waist, which means you take the actual measurement of your waist and subract 4 inches. This is your corset size. This can vary depending on style, so we like to start with what size we think will work, and go from there. The ladies at Sugarhouse are able to help you size and cinch your corset…. even if it’s making a quick stop before your date!

Bustiers are ideal for those who want more of a lingerie look. They will have formed cups which are perfect for women with a smaller bust; this gives them room to be boosted! Typically, bustiers do not have cinching strings, but they do have boning which will still give you a slight cinch. Most women can wear these under clothes and can be attached to nylons. You could have fun teasing your fella with the allure of what’s to come later!

Please ask any of the ladies at Sugarhouse to help you when shopping for a corset. We are more than happy to help you pick out the right one, for the right occasion. We can even give you a quick lesson on how to cinch it so you’ll be prepared when the day comes!

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