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Bobby Lane Piercer

The Dangers of Piercing or Being Pierced Out of Your Home

In my short time here in Salt Lake City, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: in-home piercing. It seems almost ever person under 30 I come in contact with has pierced themselves or a friend one point in there life. Home piercing is most common with high school and collage students. As one of Blue Boutique’s […]

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The Ultimate Prostate Pleasure Guide

Join us for “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure Workshop and Book Signing” at Blue Boutique

Are you curious about prostate play? Or maybe you’ve tried it and want some tips to make it even more fun? We’ll give you all the info you need to see for yourself why more men and their partners are discovering how much fun prostate stimulation can be. We’ll talk about the common concerns that […]

Sexy Valentines Meal Ideas

Haven’t made your dinner reservations for Valentine’s day yet? Excellent! Why spend the most romantic evening of the year waiting for a table when you can make a gourmet dinner at home using tasty ingredients that “spice” things up in the bedroom? The quality of your diet plays an important role in the quality of […]

Fifty Shades of Gray Utah

Introduction to B.D.S.M.

Hi, my name is C.J. and I’ll be taking you on a wild ride all about BDSM. So keep your arms and legs inside or I’ll have to tie them up! 😉 So many people are convinced that BDSM, or commonly known as S&M, is dangerous, taboo, and painful. The truth of this fetish is […]

Earthly body edible candle threesome gift bag - 2 oz grape, cherry & strawberry

Sexy Gifts Ideas for Your Office Party at Blue Boutique

Well, it’s that time of year! Christmas means secret santas, white elephant, and gift exchanges at your uncomfortable office or family party. Blue Boutique is a great place to pick up a gift that will lighten the mood and get everyone laughing. Don’t be surprised if your gift gets stolen a few times, because deep […]

Casting Call – Be part of Blue Boutique’s next lingerie show!

  Do you love Blue Boutique? Have you ever considered being in one of Blue Boutique’s Haloween Fashion Show? Here’s your chance. We are looking for fun, energetic beautiful women between 21 years of age and older. We’re looking for 5 – 10 women to be a part of Blue Boutique’s numerous Halloween Fashion Show. […]

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Toy Review: Fun Factory Calla

The Fun Factory Calla is my first vibrating toy made by Fun Factory. I bought it to replace the Evolved vibrator that I had; that I lost a main part to. The Calla is the smallest full size vibrator Fun factory makes that comes in the Free Vibe category. It is fully rechargeable, water submergeable, […]

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