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The Wonderful World of Role Play!

Who says you have to stop playing pretend when you get older?… Especially in the bedroom! Role play is a great way to spice up the sex life between you and your lover! Throw any inhibitions you have out the window and become a “stranger” to the person who knows you best! There are so […]

Sexy food recipes!

Who wants to increase their sexual desire?…. Now, who wants to increase their sexual desire with food? I know I do! I love food! Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and what better occasion to make you and partner a delicious meal to get you in the mood?! I’m of course referring to the wonderful […]

Romantic Utah Stay-cation Spots

Who says you have to go far to get elegance, luxury and romance out of your hotel? Utah is riddled with a variety of beautiful places for you and your sweetheart to spend a weekend or even just a night away! Finding them was the easy part… Only picking a select few to showcase in […]

Strap-in, Strap-on, and Explode!

The strap-on… What a wonderful and creative thought brought to the world! Spelled backwards it says, “No Parts”… Coincidence?… I think not! This marvelous tool can be used by anyone in need of that appendage! Let me take you on a magical mystery tour into the glorious world of sticking it to the man… Or […]

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